Information Needed for Proposals

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  • K-12 Energy Education
  • Introductory Energy Education: Energy 101 and General Education
  • Enhancing Engineering Education for Resilient Energy Systems
  • Pedagogy and Assessment of Student Learning
  • Defining Resilience and Sustainability in an Energy Context
  • Connections between with Energy Education and Energy Practices on Campus and in Local Communities
  • Diversity: Advancing Diversity in the Sustainable Energy Field
  • Career Preparation and Energy Workforce Development,
  • Undergraduate Degree Programs, Minors and Concentrations – creating and sustaining
  • Courses and Programs at Two Year (Community) Colleges
  • Graduate and Professional Energy Education
  • Public Energy Education
  • Bioenergy Education
  • Other Energy Education (specify)
  • If “Other”, please specify below.
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  • Intended Results and Follow up Activities (What outcomes do you seek as a result of your participation?)
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I understand that NCSE is unable to provide financial support for speakers or organizers.

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