Proposal Guidelines

Click here to submit a proposal for the 2018 Summit by October 16th, 2017

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals will be accepted for:

  • Oral Presentations – 15 minute talks in symposia (including Q & A)
  • Poster presentations
  • Skill-building workshops (90 minute sessions to teach participants skills such as how to use a technique such as active learning)
  • Topical discussions (90 minute discussions about a topic such as core competencies in energy education)

There will be two fields you will be required to complete.

  1. Content
  • Title (required). Limit: 125 characters
  • Is this submission for a Session ( Workshop. Discussion), Poster, or Oral Presentation? (required)
  • Topic: Please check the appropriate descriptors for your session (check as many as appropriate), and provide key words. (required)• K-12 Energy Education
    • Introductory Energy Education: Energy 101 and General Education
    • Enhancing Engineering Education for Resilient Energy Systems
    • Pedagogy and Assessment of Student Learning
    • Defining Resilience and Sustainability in an Energy Context
    • Connections between with Energy Education and Energy Practices on Campus and in Local Communities
    • Diversity: Advancing Diversity in the Sustainable Energy Field
    • Career Preparation and Energy Workforce Development,
    • Undergraduate Degree Programs, Minors and Concentrations – creating and sustaining
    • Courses and Programs at Two Year (Community) Colleges
    • Graduate and Professional Energy Education
    • Public Energy Education
    • Bioenergy Education
    • Other Energy Education (specify)
  • If “Other,” please specify. (optional). Limit: 100 characters
  • Additional Key Words about your content (up to 6) (optional). Limit: 50 words
  • Abstract/Summary of topics to be discussed, including links (required). Limit: 1000 words
  • Session Goals (optional). Required for session applicants. Limit: 1000 words
  • For workshops or discussions, how do you intend to organize the 90 minute session? (optional) Required for session applicants. Limit: 1000 words
  • Intended Results and Follow up Activities (What outcomes do you seek as a result of your participation?)  (optional) Required for session applicants. Limit: 1000 words
  1. Persons
  • Session Organizer: This is the main point of contact for the session proposal. Your proposal must include 1 session organizer.
  • Co-Organizers: These are additional people who will help organize the session and who you would like us to contact about the session if necessary. Your proposal may include up to 3 co-organizers.
  • Discussants: NCSE strongly encourages a set of discussants who are diverse in perspectives as well as demographics. Your proposal may include up to 5 discussants.

Personal Information:

  • Name (required)
  • Organization (optional).
  • Title (required).
  • Email (required)
  • Telephone Number (required)
  • Intended Role and Focus (required)